Applications are open

Applications for our Diploma in Professional Development, Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Gestalt Therapy training courses are open. Please see individual course pages for details.

For many students, our Psychotherapy Programme is a huge personal journey – as challenging as it is satisfying. You’re not just learning how to do something – you’re learning how to be something.

Hands-on and highly effective, this programme is delivered by staff with many years of clinical practice, supervision and teaching experience. You’ll learn through a combination of group work, personal study, therapy – and many hours of practice.

As you progress, you’ll develop your self-awareness and understanding of yourself as well as acquiring a wealth of practical and creative skills to improve the way you relate to others and help them to effect life changes. You’ll work towards an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy (awarded by London Metropolitan University) and professional registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) – everything you need to embark on a successful career as a Gestalt psychotherapist.

Who takes this programme?

We attract a range of interest. Some people view this as a five-year commitment: a means of achieving their goal of working as a professional Gestalt therapist. Others sign up for the first course – the Diploma in Professional Development – and see where it leads them. We always recognise prior learning so in some cases, you can join the Psychotherapy Programme at Certificate, Diploma or MA level.

For MA Psychotherapy Advanced Entry Applications, you are encouraged to apply early. Please note, places will be offered provisionally if successful, subject to availability. And will be confirmed by the end of the academic year in July 2024.

How the programme works

The easiest way to understand the programme structure is a foundation year (Diploma in Professional Development), followed by a three-year MA (awarded by London Metropolitan University) and finally, a year gaining the practical experience required to achieve UKCP accreditation. Many of our trainees proceed through these five courses together, forging new friendships and forming a supportive peer group along the way.

At the Gestalt Centre we value equity and inclusion and welcome diversity and difference in all backgrounds, identities, cultures and voices. It is integral to who we are and how we work. If you have any accessibility requirements for this programme, please let us know how we might be able to meet them.

Year 1: Diploma in Professional Development

An essential introduction to the concepts and methodology of Gestalt therapy. Successfully completing this year – a mix of group learning and study of the key ideas plus individual therapy – gives you a Diploma from London Metropolitan University and admission to the MA section of the programme. View full course details

Year 2: Postgraduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy

The start of a three-year Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy (awarded by London Metropolitan University) beginning with an in-depth assimilation of Gestalt Therapy theory and practice. View full course details

Year 3: Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Therapy

During the second year of the MA, you’ll begin to translate theory into practice and develop your facilitation skills by carrying out Gestalt therapy in individual settings. View full course details

Year 4: MA in Gestalt Therapy

The third and final year of the MA. Here, you’ll intensively sharpen your therapeutic skills and insight as well as building up your skills and experience through work with clients on a placement. In this year, you will complete your portfolio dissertation, combining case studies and theory, to gain your MA. View full course details

Year 5: Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma

After gaining your MA, you’ll concentrate on developing your practice receiving referrals via the Gestalt Centre’s low-cost therapy scheme and running a personal development group. Success in your final case studies will lead to professional registration with the UKCP as a Gestalt psychotherapist ready to work with both groups and individuals. NB This stage may take more than a year to complete. View full course details


Our phenomenal experience of teaching and practising Gestalt means that you won’t find a more practical, rigorous or rewarding route towards your professional qualification. Here are some of the features of the Psychotherapy Programme that you can look forward to.

Experiential group work

The core of the training are the weekly group and weekend intensives. These offer the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Gestalt process, method and skills alongside your peers and course tutors. The idea is to foster a supportive and challenging learning community, so it’s important that everyone on the programme makes a commitment to consistently attend.

Lectures, seminars & peer study groups

Theoretical study is via a programme of lectures, seminars, peer study groups, trainee presentations and on-going commentary on group experience. This is supported by reading recommended texts. You need to submit written assignments throughout the training, culminating in an MA dissertation.

Personal study time is an important element. Whilst working towards your Masters, you’ll need to allow around four hours a week in Year 2, six to eight hours in Year 3 and eight to ten hours in Year 4.

Bringing skills to life

This isn’t textbook learning. Our staff have vast practical experience of bringing Gestalt skills to life. Wherever possible, we tap into trainees’ creativity and intuition so that interventions feel fresh and alive in terms of the dialogue between the client and therapist.

Individual therapy

You’ll need to undertake weekly individual Gestalt therapy yourself for the duration of the training. This is beneficial for personal development but also to experience the Gestalt process from the client’s perspective. Later in the programme, some students opt to gain experience of other therapy approaches.


From Year 3 (PG Diploma level) onwards, supervised clinical practice becomes a key part of your learning. Supervision is a proven way to give a safe, supportive educative space for you to discuss your work with individual clients. This happens both in a one-to-one setting and in groups.

Counselling placement

During the latter part of Year 2 (PG Certificate), students who aren’t already working with clients, arrange their own counselling placement in conjunction with the core tutor. This is when you can really begin to put theory into practice.

Mental health placement

Students without experience of psychiatric mental health work must arrange a placement – usually during Year 4 (the final year of your MA) or Year 5 (the Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma).



Termly Monthly standing order Total Annual Fee Discounted annual fee
when paid in full by a single payment
Y1 (DPD) £1,868* x 3 £467 x 12 £5,604 £5,404
Y2 (Certificate) £1,868* x 3 £467  x 12 £5,604 £5,404
Y3 (Diploma) £1,868* x 3 £467 x 12 £5,604 £5,404
Y4 (MA) £1,924* x 3 £481 x 12 £5,772 £5,572
Y5 (PPD Diploma) £1,860* x 3 £420 x 12 £5,040 £4,840


*Fees include £4 per term/£12 per year UKAGP membership. This is an optional payment.

Please note
It is a requirement that psychotherapy students are in individual therapy for the duration of their training. The fees for individual therapy are paid by the student directly to their therapist and may range from approximately £55 to £75 per session and are additional to the training fees quoted here.  Students from the PG Dip year onwards must undertake individual supervision with a qualified supervisor whose fees are also paid directly by the trainee and are additional to the training fees quoted here.


The full fee for the year is discounted by £200 when paid in one single payment.

Spreading the cost

Students may benefit from interest-free credit by setting up a standing order for 12 x monthly instalments commencing 1st July.

Bespoke payment plans are also available.

For MA Psychotherapy Advanced Entry Applications, you are encouraged to apply by early. Please note, places will be offered provisionally if successful, subject to availability. They will be confirmed by the end of the academic year in July.

Due dates

Fees are due during the following months:

  • Autumn term and the year: July
  • Spring term: November
  • Summer term: February

Funded students

For details on fees for sponsored students, get in touch with us.

“I am grateful for the extraordinary amount of academic, personal and emotional support I have received.”



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