Welcome to The Gestalt Centre, celebrating our 40th year as the UK’s foremost provider of training in Gestalt: an enlightening and life-changing approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

Based in Camden, London, our part-time programmes, short courses and events are made for the here and now. We can prepare you for a career in counselling or therapy, accelerate your professional development or simply inspire a positive new perspective on people, relationships and life.


For further information, please contact our Executive Centre Manager, Jacqueline Wearn, at jacqueline@gestaltcentre.org.uk


We’re looking for a new Trustee! You would be on board with what we’re about and what we do and have experience in one or more of the following: mental health, psychotherapy or counselling, organisational/business development, marketing/social media, human resources or finance, not for profit or social enterprise sector.

We are interested in working towards having a more diverse and inclusive board and therefore welcome applications from people in underrepresented groups.

We are also particularly interested in the following experiences:

· Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice

· Fundraising, grant applications, fundraising events

· Gestalt counselling or psychotherapy

You will gain

✔ work with the Gestalt Centre, a beacon of excellence in the therapy world and participatory organisation that is growing and changing in innovative ways

✔ support people develop emotional and psychological wellbeing

✔ create a world where meaningful relationships lead to wellbeing and positive change

✔ develop further your knowledge and skills and gain valuable Board Experience

Due to the pandemic, board meetings are held online at the moment. We hope to meet again soon at our convenient location in the Kings Cross St Pancras area in London.

To find out more and for a job description, contact us at enquire@gestaltcentre.org.uk or 020 7383 5610


We at The Gestalt Centre abhor and grieve the murder of George Floyd, and add our voice to the condemnation of all killings where people of colour have suffered the same fate in the USA, in the UK and elsewhere. As a therapy and training organisation, we strive to keep recognising the depth to which racism exists, in each of us and in our institutions and social structures. We work to support the undoing of the impact of racism for all communities. We understand that this undoing is an essential component in promoting the mental and emotional health of all peoples. We strive to develop our capacity to instil through training and practice the essential right to self-determination. We believe that therapy must include supporting people to live life to the fullness of their capacity and to enable fulfilment of their potential – by choice.


The ‘phone line is staffed for enquiries and payments between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  Therapy rooms may be booked by qualified practitioners from any modality looking for a safe space to see their clients in comfortable rooms that are deep cleaned before and after your booking, during the following times:

Monday 8.30am to 9pm
Tuesday 8.30am to 9pm
Wednesday 8.30am to 9pm
Thursday 8.30amto 9pm
Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Our counselling and psychotherapy training programmes and most of our short courses will continue online in compliance with the current social distancing requirements.

In the context of the COVID19 measures, we are prepared to continue our courses online via interactive live webinars and experiential group sessions, for a long as it is necessary. The online format of our training programmes is designed to enhance counselling and psychotherapy students’ learning and skills within a virtual context.

Our staff team are available full time to support both students and practitioners and can be contacted by email to answer your questions and discuss Gestalt Centre training programmes in greater detail.

Executive Centre Manager –
Jacqueline Wearn, jacqueline@gestaltcentre.org.uk

General Course Information and Enquiries –
Angela Jordan, enquire@gestaltcentre.org.uk

Room Hire Information and Enquiries –
Lynn Major, info@gestaltcentre.org.uk

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“The whole is other than the sum of its parts.”

Gestalt psychologist, Kurt Koffka


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