Course Overview

Over time, emotions and unresolved traumatic experiences can have significant physical effects on the body. Gestalt can help us work through physical and emotional blocks, resolve past issues and increase awareness of the present. It often feels insightful and empowering. It can significantly increase self-confidence, awareness and emotional resilience.

In this weekend course, we use the Gestalt approach, along with neuroscience, and combine sound theoretical input with experiential learning and skills practice.

We explore trauma and how to facilitate recovery by tracking the healing journey along the Gestalt Cycle as a potential map for locating what a particular client might need as a next step in their recovery.

Course participants might work with their own experience or bring cases from their work, to explore the practical application of the approach.

Who is the course for?

This weekend is for anyone working in a therapeutic capacity with individuals who suffer from the after-effects of trauma.

Course outcomes

·       Deepen awareness and understanding of trauma and strategies to facilitate recovery

·       Explore single traumatic events and long-term traumatic experiences, trauma experienced as adults and during childhood as well as attachment related trauma and other forms of traumatic experiences, and the role shock plays in PTSD.

·       Share understandings from neuroscience

·       Learn to apply the Gestalt Cycle to recognise where a client may be ‘stuck’ and how to facilitate moving through traumatic experiences in safe and effective ways

·       Grow your confidence and skills in working with intensely traumatic experiences in the context of the pandemic

·       Make the most of an opportunity to work with a group of experienced practitioners and trainer, on some of your own cases

·       Deepen awareness of your own approach, develop further and grow as a practitioner


Angelika Wienrich BA is a Gestalt-focused integrative Psychotherapist and supervisor with a background in research and adult education. She has been teaching counselling and Gestalt since 1990 and is now a visiting tutor for the Gestalt Centre’s BACP accredited Diploma in Counselling, as well as at Naos, teaching on a Postgraduate Diploma in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy.

Next Dates

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2022 – In-person at our London premises

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2022 – Live and interactive, online

Fees: £300 self-funded, £400 charity or public sector funded, £500 private sector funded


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