Personal Development Group offers the opportunity for you to experience what happens in a Gestalt therapy group. It’s a safe, supportive space in which you can explore personal issues alongside other people who also want to understand themselves better.

Who is it for?

Attendance of this group is an excellent precursor to training in counselling or psychotherapy for participants who wish to further their knowledge and experience before deciding to embark on an intensive training.

People working in education, therapeutic settings, community developments, organisational work or any profession involving a high level of interaction may well find such a group useful on both a personal and professional level.

You can request a bibliography at the end of the course should you wish to continue your exploration.

Group formats

There are two formats. Our Weekend Group is an ideal introduction to Gestalt methods for anyone. We also run  a 10-Week Group for people who want to explore in more depth. The longer format often attracts people who are thinking of using Gestalt counselling or therapy for personal reasons or considering training as a practitioner themselves.

Gestalt Group Work – what is it?

A gestalt group offers its members the opportunity to explore personal issues with the support and participation of people also interested in understanding themselves and the vicissitudes of their lives.

By participating in gestalt group work you may find opportunities to:

  • foster your capacity to be imaginative.
  • develop a greater awareness of how you relate to yourself and others, including opportunity to explore identity processes.
  • discover the patterns you have developed for dealing with your life and decide whether these strategies have outlived their usefulness.
  • work with what are sometimes experienced as ‘difficult’ emotions, anger, fear, vulnerability etc.
  • learn ways of giving and receiving clear comments about yourself and others through understanding of your own process.
  • the regular meeting over time with the same group of people enhances the possibility of personal development and understanding.

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt theory is concerned with the whole person, encouraging a balance between body, feeling, intellect and imagination. It is a relational approach.

The gestalt approach in psychotherapy understands people as being inextricably linked with their environments, both affected by and affecting the context in which a person lives.

Here and now, experiments, creativity, imagination, fragmentation, and integration are concepts linked with the theory and practice of gestalt.

Gestalt sessions are typically lively, creative, interactive and experimental – and always focused on the Here and Now.


Weekend Group: £110 self-funded / £130 sponsored

10-Week Group: £330 self-funded / £380 sponsored

Group facilitators

Both the facilitators of this group are senior trainee psychotherapists completing their professional training in Gestalt Psychotherapy to gain UKCP registration.

The group is part of their assessed work and is supervised by a senior member of faculty including observation of their work directly on two occasions.

Next dates

Weekend Group*

1st & 2nd June 2024

10am to 6pm on both days


10-Week Groups*

Wednesday Evenings weekly from

17th April 2024 to 19th June  2024 , plus

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2024


Friday Evenings weekly from

7th June 2024 to 9th August 2024, plus

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2024



Evenings 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

10.00 am to 5.00 pm on both weekend days


*It is intended that these groups will take place in person at our Centre in Camden, London.  If safety requires it, however, they will be delivered online.

To apply, click in the Apply Now box on the right-hand side of this page or for more information about these rewarding sessions, contact us at

“Self is a plural verb”

Daniel J. Siegel, professor of clinical psychiatry, UCLA


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