A programme for experienced practitioners who want to develop insight, understanding and skill in using the power of the Gestalt approach in organisations, delivered through ten one-day workshops spread across the year.

Who attends this course?

This is the most advanced of our three Gestalt in OD courses. It’s aimed at experienced practitioners with some experience of Gestalt who currently work in or with organisations. You will be looking for a chance to learn more about yourself and how you operate and will value acquiring new ideas and methods. You will be willing to contribute and learn by sharing work related experiences and challenges.
N.B. some participants may be continuing from the previous Masterclass.

Why choose this course?

Gestalt brings a unique perspective to organisational issues. The focus on detailed observation and ‘Here and Now’ awareness, its rigorous separation of data and interpretation, its emphasis on exploration and experiment and its innovative methodologies for addressing rigid patterns and blocked process all combine to create a powerful array of tools for anyone seeking to make sense of organisational life.

The Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to work with other experienced professionals to:

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of Gestalt concepts
  • Develop exceptional self-awareness and personal insight
  • Explore how to use Gestalt as a practical framework in OD
  • Gain skills in applying Gestalt through current, work-related action learning.

Course structure

The course will be limited to 8 members to ensure that each has the time and focus to address individual and work-related issues in some depth.

The group will meet 10 days over the year with each event addressing the 3 main programme themes: Concepts, Personal work, Practice.

The workshops will encourage group members to work directly and openly with each other offering support and encouragement but also providing direct challenge, clear reflection and feedback.

The small group size creates the opportunity for each individual to pursue their particular interests and needs and for the group to play an active part in planning the agenda.

The emphasis will be on generating a safe setting in which individuals are able to explore and experiment. From this foundation, individuals will be encouraged to stretch themselves, learn and grow. All of this has to take place in the context of the real world. The course will keep in mind that work should be fun and fulfilling but also, in an organisation, the core purpose is to deliver and succeed.

 Course material will be selected from:

Concepts Skills Methods
Figure and Ground Gestalt

Formation and Destruction

Unfinished business

Cycle of Experience

Field Theory

Multiple realities

Parallel Process

Paradoxical theory of change






Awareness and Here and Now

Use of Self

Breathing and body work

Gestalt based Interventions

Action and Contact

Meaning making

Two Chair Work


Fantasy, Imagery and Dreams

Programme Director

Tony Fraser held Board positions in large corporate businesses before founding and leading his own consultancy. Over the past 20 years, he has designed and led major programmes around the world for several of the world’s most successful organisations both in the commercial and not for profit sectors.

His initial training as a Gestalt therapist included work with some of Gestalt’s most influential founders including Laura Perls and Isadore From. More recently he participated in a series of workshops with Ed Nevis and the faculty at The Gestalt International Study Centre.

Author of ‘Gestalt Approach: An Introduction for Managers and Trainers’, Tony uses his understanding of Gestalt in his OD practice, both in designing change programmes and working with teams and individuals. He currently works both as coach and OD consultant with businesses, government and charities.

Alongside his professional work, Tony holds several Non-executive and Charitable Trustee appointments.

  • What you'll learn

    You will gain:

    • A strong conceptual framework for making sense of organisations
    • Greater personal awareness
    • An increased ability to connect and respond flexibly to others
    • A wider range of intervention choices and the skills to make them.
  • Course format

    The programme consists of ten one-day workshops, over the course of a year at The Gestalt Centre premises: 15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT

    The agenda for each day (10am–5pm) will include time for:

    • Building understanding and skills in applying concepts and methods (seminar)
    • Developing insight and self-awareness through experiments and activities (individual and group work)
    • Review and exploration of OD examples and cases based on participants’ experiences (case review and planning).
  • Fees

    Professional Rate: £4900*

    *10% reduction for those having already completed OD in Practice


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