The Masterclass of the Gestalt in OD programme, takes place over 10 days spread across the year. It is designed for senior leaders and experienced OD professionals and coaches who want to develop advanced professional knowledge, skill and insight in applying the transformative Gestalt approach in organisations.
In the Masterclass, you would be building on your existing Gestalt understanding, delving deeper into the approach and exploring more complex organisational challenges for enhanced understanding and practice.

Course structure

The course will be limited in number to ensure that each participant has the time and focus to address individual and work-related issues in some depth.

The group will meet 10 days over the year with each event addressing the 3 main programme themes: Concepts, Personal work, Practice.

The workshops will encourage group members to work directly and openly with each other offering support and encouragement but also providing direct challenge, clear reflection and feedback.

The small group size creates the opportunity for each individual to pursue their particular interests and needs and for the group to play an active part in planning the agenda.

The emphasis will be on generating a safe setting in which individuals are able to explore and experiment. From this foundation, individuals will be encouraged to stretch themselves, learn and grow. All of this has to take place in the context of the real world. The course will keep in mind that work should be fun and fulfilling but also, in an organisation, the core purpose is to deliver and succeed.

What our participants say

“Being part of the Gestalt in OD programme was incredible for me. It’s less of a programme and more of an experience really; a journey of seeing yourself and your environment in a different light, that helps you ‘be’ differently with yourself and others around you.
It’s about a pragmatic and embodied approach to yourself and others that brings together body and mind, intellect and personal experience that lead to in depth awareness, clarity of mind and effective relationships. And for me, the experience didn’t end with the end of the programme as it triggered a fundamental change in how I saw myself and others and how I related to it all. It also triggered my curiosity about this way of working and leading so I decided to look into it more. It has led me become the professional and leader I am today.
I have used the insight and techniques I gained from the programme in my work and it has all come quite naturally. I now have the energy and ability to be more effective in my work as I can ‘be’ in any moment and situation with confidence and clarity that enables me to make the right decisions about what to do or say. The Gestalt in OD programme had a significant role to play in this. If you feel that you’ve tried everything in your practice, management or leadership and you’re still missing something, then give this programme a go.”
Director, UK Civil Service 

“I first experienced Gestalt on a coaching programme and was immediately hooked.  Its apparent simplicity and power to unblock led me to find out more. I was also becoming more interested in group dynamics and was drawn to Organisation Development.
Seeing the two combined on one of the Gestalt Centre’s programmes was an immediate attraction – unleashing the magic of Gestalt therapy on the complex mess of organisations.
One thing is for certain – you will never see the world in quite the same way again.
A lot of this starts with yourself and fellow participants, lifting the lid on our own stories, learning to make contact, inquire and explore sensitive topics like shame in safety – forming figures, creating our own safe emergencies and unfinishing past business. By learning about our own presence and different ways of being, we could tackle our bigger organisational challenges, experimenting with different Gestalt ideas to work with the energy in the system and open up new approaches to releasing what was stuck.
In summary, it lets you see people in organisations as they really are and provides the resources to help them shift things in the right direction.”
Senior OD Consultant

“Participation in this programme had a profound impact on me and my work.  Combining theory with experiential learning and practical experiments, I gained a deeper, more embodied, practical knowledge of how to liberate that energy flow within and between us that is needed for real change to happen. I learnt much about how a Gestalt perspective allows us to understand organisations and human dynamics in a very different way; but, much more importantly, I simply learnt how to better ‘tune in’ to myself and others so as to foster contact, raise awareness, and make meaning.”
Partner, Sheppard Moscow LLP (OD Consultancy)    

  • What you'll learn
    • In-depth exploration of the relevance and application of Gestalt in organisations
    • Experience and practice this innovative way of generating meaningful engagement and personal responsibility, carefully weaving it through insightful organisational strategies to invigorate your organisation and business.
    • Develop exceptional self-awareness and personal insight into your role and impact      as well as the context within which you operate, for effective organisational development, change and success
    • Continued personal development, identifying and working with strengths and limitations to extend well-being and effectiveness
    • Explore ethical and professional issues that arise in organisational work
    • Work on your own real cases, to review what happened or plan for what is coming and benefit from the collective wisdom of senior experienced leaders and professionals in the group and one-2-one personal coaching
    • Access to some of the UK’s most senior gestalt teachers
    • A long-term peer group of experienced senior OD practitioners
  • Course format

    The programme consists of ten one-day, online workshops, over the course of a year

    The agenda for each day (10am–5pm) will include time for:

    • Building understanding and skills in applying concepts and methods (seminar)
    • Developing insight and self-awareness through experiments and activities (individual and group work)
    • Review and exploration of OD examples and cases based on participants’ experiences (case review and planning).
  • Dates and Fees

    Format and dates: 10 x Fridays over 10 months. Next dates are to be announced in 2024.

    9 x individual coaching sessions will be organized directly with the tutor once the course starts.

    Fee: £5450*

    *Limited places for discounted fees available for self-funding delegates. Interest-free payment plans available



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