Deepen your impact. Become an inspiring, human change leader and professional for truly transformative leadership and powerful practice.

The Gestalt in Organisational Development is an insightful, niche and intensive programme for senior leaders, managers, HR and OD professionals and coaches. It is a dynamic programme that will help you enhance your ability to shape organisational dynamics, generate meaningful engagement, grow outstanding teams, enable and facilitate effective change and organisational success.

The programme uses the transformative power of the holistic, humanistic and relational gestalt approach, expertly combining theory with experiential learning and skills practice.

It provides participants with the understanding, tools and practice to deepen awareness, delve into organisational dynamics and people, insightfully explore organisational ecosystems, tackle rigid patterns and blocked processes and create strategies for effective meaningful change, organisational growth and high performance.

The programme is especially designed as an in-depth professional development opportunity for busy executives and professionals. It offers flexibility with three short and intensive courses and a range of dates to plan your attendance around your availability.

The programme includes Gestalt in Organisational Development:

The training groups are small and diverse to enable in depth, meaningful conversations and they are facilitated in a way that responds to the experience and expectations of each group and participants within it. The ‘In Practice’ and ‘Masterclass’ also include one-to-one coaching opportunities.

The courses are delivered by a faculty of highly experienced trainers and leading gestalt practitioners, who have worked with some of the world’s most successful organisations.

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Overall programme outcomes

“The Gestalt Centre OD programme is quite unique; a bridge between the corporate OD world and the therapeutic one. It provides a valuable space to explore complex organisational realities and dynamics through in-depth Gestalt practice, a dynamic group process and self-inquiry. “
HR Director, Leadership Development, global investment bank

Grounded in therapy and mindfulness, and also structured for organization professionals, the programme will enable you to deep dive into mindful awareness, human dynamics and the complex realities of organisations and enhance your capabilities as a human change leader or professional.

  • Explore and practice an innovative way of approaching organisational realities that will increase your capacity to develop and lead outstanding teams, projects and organisations.
  • Gain a deeper connection with being human. Greater awareness of yourself, others and organisational dynamics and deeper understanding of what generates and blocks engagement, relationships and change.
  • Create and practice concrete strategies to overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities for success.
  • Learn about, see in action and practice the immense potential of contemporary gestalt techniques in organisational contexts.
  • Learn from, share and practice with leading gestalt and organisational development practitioners and a diverse group of leaders and professionals in each course.
  • Make the most of tailored learning opportunities with space for reflection, personalised work, case consultations and skills practice to ‘try things out’ and experiment, combined with individual one-2-one coaching (In Practice and Masterclass)

These overall programme outcomes are complemented with specific course content outlined in each course section.

Who attends these courses?

The programme is designed for leaders and managers, HR and OD professionals, consultants, coaches and therapists or practitioners in organisational contexts.

Whether you are new to gestalt or have gestalt experience and would like to learn how it can be applied in organisational settings, there is space for you in the programme.

The programme begins with the Gestalt in OD: Core Concepts for an introduction to gestalt in organisations and progresses with Gestalt in OD: In Practice for a practical application of Gestalt principles and techniques in organisational settings and the Masterclass for in depth advanced insight and gestalt application in organisational realities. One could attend all three courses of the programme or start with one or two and come back for the masterclass at a later stage. It’s a rolling programme running in consecutive cycles offering the opportunity to join at different stages.

If you would like to find out more about the programme and each course, contact the Gestalt Centre. We would be happy to answer your questions, arrange for you to speak with the course tutor or a past participant for more insight into the courses.

What people say about the programme:

“Being part of the Gestalt in OD programme was incredible for me. It’s less of a programme and more of an experience really; a journey of seeing yourself and your environment in a different light, that helps you ‘be’ differently with yourself and others around you.

It’s about a pragmatic and embodied approach to yourself and others that brings together body and mind, intellect and personal experience that lead to in depth awareness, clarity of mind and effective relationships. And for me, the experience didn’t end with the end of the programme as it triggered a fundamental change in how I saw myself and others and how I related to it all. It also triggered my curiosity about this way of working and leading so I decided to look into it more. It has led me become the professional and leader I am today.

I have used the insight and techniques I gained from the programme in my work and it has all come quite naturally. I now have the energy and ability to be more effective in my work as I can ‘be’ in any moment and situation with confidence and clarity that enables me to make the right decisions about what to do or say. The Gestalt in OD programme had a significant role to play in this. If you feel that you’ve tried everything in your practice, management or leadership and you’re still missing something, then give this programme a go.”

Director, UK Civil Service

“I first experienced Gestalt on a coaching programme and was immediately hooked.  Its apparent simplicity and power to unblock led me to find out more. I was also becoming more interested in group dynamics and was drawn to Organisation Development.

Seeing the two combined on one of the Gestalt Centre’s programmes was an immediate attraction – unleashing the magic of Gestalt therapy on the complex mess of organisations.

One thing is for certain – you will never see the world in quite the same way again.

A lot of this starts with yourself and fellow participants, lifting the lid on our own stories, learning to make contact, inquire and explore sensitive topics like shame in safety – forming figures, creating our own safe emergencies and unfinishing past business. By learning about our own presence and different ways of being, we could tackle our bigger organisational challenges, experimenting with different Gestalt ideas to work with the energy in the system and open up new approaches to releasing what was stuck.

In summary, it lets you see people in organisations as they really are and provides the resources to help them shift things in the right direction.”

Senior OD Consultant

“Participation in this programme had a profound impact on me and my work.

Combining theory with experiential learning and practical experiments, I gained a deeper, more embodied, practical knowledge of how to liberate that energy flow within and between us that is needed for real change to happen. I learnt much about how a Gestalt perspective allows us to understand organisations and human dynamics in a very different way; but, much more importantly, I simply learnt how to better ‘tune in’ to myself and others so as to foster contact, raise awareness, and make meaning.”

Partner, Sheppard Moscow LLP (OD Consultancy) 

“I was introduced to Gestalt Theory in my undergraduate psychology studies and eventually went onto train as a Clinical Psychologist.  The power of the Gestalt approach always informed my practice so I completed the Foundation in Gestalt Therapy about 17 years ago. I have since progressed into clinical leadership and management and was looking for a professional development course to enhance these skills in organisational settings; I went straight to the Gestalt Centre.

The Gestalt in OD Programme is insightful and dynamic, combining theoretical and experiential learning with skills training and practice. In a protected and expertly facilitated group environment, it enables in depth and at times challenging self-reflection and group discussions as well as invaluable experimentation and practice of ideas, tools and strategies. What I particularly valued was the way it linked the enquiry into self and others, the ‘personhood’ in organisations and the wider organisational dynamics and realities.

A unique approach and training that adds significant value to the quality of our practice and impact in organisations.”

Consultant Clinical Lead Psychologist, NHS Hospital Trust

“I work as an OD consultant, coach and recruiter of senior people – with individuals, teams and organisations right across government, business and the third sector.

The Gestalt Centre’s Gestalt in OD Programme offers a distinct take on how people make sense of the world of work. The approach is very thoughtful, theoretically grounded and highly practical. In my experience that is a rare mix. It has equipped me to work more ‘relationally’ – raising awareness of how we relate to each other as we make sense of what’s going on at work – which helps us to get things done.

The complementary Group Dynamics Programme is particularly focused on how a gestalt approach adds value when working with unconscious team dynamics. Both programmes offer a range of interpretive frameworks and techniques that have broadened my repertoire of response.

Both Programmes are challenging and rewarding. In both Programmes I enjoyed, and benefited from, working with a very diverse group of professionals – international groups of people with different day jobs, from those with very commercial roles to those who are therapeutic practitioners. The range of voices and experiences enriched my appreciation of different perspectives. It has helped me develop the curiosity to work deeply with difference – something that is often at the heart of OD issues I work with.

The Programmes are led by highly credible practitioners.”

OD consultant, Coach and Recruiter of Senior Executives

“In a fast paced, constantly changing and high-pressured world where fixed solutions are less relevant, shifting our mindset and practice towards mindful ‘here and now’ presence brings a valuable sense of grounding and agility to teams and organisations. It also enables us to get real clarity on what is happening and apply acquired insight to decisions and actions.  This programme is exactly about this shift in mindset. It combines a theoretical framework with experiential mindful awareness and the opportunity to practice and experiment concrete techniques and strategies, in a safe and expertly facilitated group. Making the most of the rich diverse experience in the group and that of the trainers, you grow in confidence and leave the room equipped with a new outlook and ideas and tools you have already tried out and know how to apply in your own practice.”

Team and Organisational Coach and Facilitator

Programme faculty and tutors 

Christina Schuierer is an OD consultant and trainer with 20 years’ experience working  with both a range of public and private organisations worldwide. Christina applies the gestalt approach in her work, consulting development organisations, managing a small consulting company based in Berlin and the German office of Médecins Sans Frontières and teaching at the faculty of International Universities and Institutes.

Richard Spence has worked globally since 2008 as an Executive and Team Coach with corporate giants and fast-growing start-ups in sectors ranging from Engineering and Advertising to Government. He is a coaching supervisor, teaches systemic Constellation work and is a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice. Previously, Richard had a long creative career as a BAFTA-winning film and television director in the UK and USA.

Gestalt in OD Courses

Gestalt In OD: Core Concepts – Course Booking Now

Format:  2 x days (10am  to 5pm each day)

Next dates: 28th & 29th September 2024,  IN-PERSON

OR    1st & 2nd December 2024, Interactive ON-LINE

OR    5th & 6th April 2025, IN-PERSON

Fee: £595

A 2-day course providing an introduction to the foundations of the Gestalt approach as it applies to the development of individuals (including ourselves!), teams and organisations.  It assumes no prior knowledge of gestalt and can be an ideal first step for anyone who wants to join the Gestalt in OD: In Practice course.
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Gestalt in OD: In Practice – Online Course Booking Now

Format: 6 days (3 x 2 days; 9am to 4pm each day) plus 1 x 1:1 coaching session for each participant

Next dates:


12th & 13th March 2025

9th & 10th  April 2025

7th & 8th  May 2025

Fee: £2,450

The second short intensive course in the programme takes place in three blocks of two days.
It is designed to provide you with the opportunity to build on your existing basic understanding of Gestalt and develop your skills and confidence to apply it as a leader or professional in your organisation or utilise it as part of your OD or coaching practice.
The course assumes a basic grounding in Gestalt concepts and some organisational experience.
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Gestalt in OD: Masterclass – Online Course Booking Now
Format: 1 x Friday a month over 10 months and 9 individual coaching sessions in between.
Next dates: TBA
Fee: £5450*

The Masterclass of the Gestalt in OD programme, takes place over 10 Fridays spread across the year. It is designed for senior leaders and experienced OD professionals and coaches who want to develop advanced professional knowledge, skill and insight in applying the transformative Gestalt approach in organisations. In the Masterclass, you would be building on your existing Gestalt understanding, delving deeper into the approach and exploring more complex organisational challenges for enhanced understanding and practice.
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*Limited places for discounted fees available for self-funding delegates. Interest-free payment plans available.


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