About the course

Shame is a powerful emotion. We all have it. It comes up when we feel unworthy like we are somehow not adequate or not ‘good enough’.

As human beings, we’re wired for connection with others. As professionals and organisations, we rely on it to progress and succeed. Shame in groups or organisations is not only counter-intuitive but can also be very toxic. Feeling unworthy and ‘not belonging’ creates separation, ‘disconnection’ and rifts. It is often used as a ‘tool’ to exert power, keep people feeling small and ‘in their place’. It is often linked to narcissistic leadership patterns and can also relate to perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, aggression, lack of engagement, (work-) addiction, procrastination and isolation. It affects our wellbeing in the workplace and is a major inhibitor to honesty, inclusion and collaboration as well as creativity, learning, innovation and change.

Outcomes for participants and organisations

Shame is one of the most intensely painful feelings and experiences, damaging for teams and organisations. It is also taboo. It isn’t talked about. When we experience shame, we are sometimes confused by it, don’t recognize it as such or do and have learned to hide it, dismiss it and pretend.

In this workshop we talk about shame.

Join us, if you would like to

  • Explore and understand shame and how it shows up for people and in organisations
  • Examine typical shame processes, how shame is established and triggered as well as reactions to it and avoidance behaviour
  • Develop awareness of self and others in organisations
  • Learn how to recognize shame and relevant dynamics in behaviours, systems and organisational cultures and how it differs from ‘guilt’ and ‘embarrassment’
  • Explore how to ‘de-shame the field’ to use a gestalt terminology and how to create ‘antidote’ strategies that unlock potential for relationships and teams in organisations to generate profound and positive change
  • Gain confidence in confronting and transforming shame in organisations
  • Find out about and experience key gestalt approaches and practice such as the power of working in the ‘here and now’ to enable awareness, meaningful relationships and effective communication and change

Who is the course for

The course is for people who are interested in ‘shame’ and how it plays out in organisational life. Also, people who work with groups or teams and in organisations wishing to develop insights, knowledge and skills in recognizing, attending to and handling shame and guilt in an organisational context.

It is also for professionals already working with ‘shame‘, wishing to energize themselves and their practice, enhance the depth of work, further develop capacity and confidence or integrate some gestalt approaches into their practice.

The course attracts people from a range of professional backgrounds, generating rich and stimulating learning and practice. Programme participants include professionals working with people, teams and organisations such as coaches, OD and other organisational consultants, leaders and executives, NHS professionals, teachers, lecturers and others.

Course Tutor

Christina Schuierer is an OD consultant and trainer with 25 years’ experience working with both a range of public and private organisations worldwide. With a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology and an MSc in Economics, Christina applies the gestalt approach to her work, as consultant to development organisations, managing a small consulting company based in Berlin and the German office of Médecins Sans Frontières, and teaching at the faculty of International Universities and Institutes.

Next dates


19th & 20th October 2024 (In-Person)


14th & 15th May 2025 (In-Person)


10am to 5pm each day

Fee: £595


The Workshops will be in person at our Centre in London NW1


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