This certificate level course will give you a Gestalt perspective on working with intimate personal relationship and how this differs from one-to-one work. It’s an ideal CPD opportunity for qualified counsellors, therapists, coaches or psychologists.

Who takes this course?

This workshop is primarily aimed at qualified psychotherapists and counsellors, clinical and counselling psychologists and coaches – you don’t need experience of Gestalt. Whilst the course isn’t designed for people still in training, we may be able to consider applications from final-year advanced trainees who have appropriate work experience with couples or intimate relationship.

About the course

The programme is composed of four taught units and an assessed case study.

Outcomes – The programme offers practitioners such as counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and coaches the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience required to work effectively with people in couples and other intimate relationships.

Method and Content– The programme includes self-reflection, group discussions and processing, experiential and theoretical learning and practice and advice in a supportive environment.

The course explores,

  • Established Gestalt Therapy Theory & Practice: field perspectives, ‘here and now’ and narrative awareness and phenomenological methodology
  • Body Psychotherapy concepts: embodied relational perspectives, somatic experiencing and dynamics of transference and countertransference processes
  • Other key therapy approaches, including systemic and relational processes
  • Diversity, intercultural and intersectional understandings in relationship underpin the course content throughout the programme
  • Reading lists and comprehensive handouts

The emphasis is on learning to use phenomenological-based meaning-making and active methods, as well as Gestalt field theoretical ideas applied in practice. There’s plenty of practice-based learning – you’ll be involved in role-play and receive live supervision and input on this.

At the Gestalt Centre we value equity and inclusion and welcome diversity and difference in all backgrounds, identities, cultures and voices. It is integral to who we are and how we work. If you have any accessibility requirements for this course, please let us know how we might be able to meet them.

All course days are intended to take place in person at our Centre in London.

Programme Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Couples and Relationship Therapy

This introductory weekend is intended for practitioners with little or no previous experience of working with relationships and practitioners wishing to find out about Gestalt Therapy Theory and Practice.  Experienced applicants can request APL/APEL straight to the second module of Advanced Practice.

Module 2: Advanced Practice in Couples and Relationship Therapy  

Delving deeper into the work with relationships, this module discusses the role of systemic and attachment dynamics. It also offers supervisory and group exploration of practical client work examples and facilitated role plays to explore specific issues that arise in this work. Some preparatory reading would be required.

Module 3: Creativity and Embodiment in Couples and Relationship Therapy

This module explores creative working with couples and intimate relationship, mainly through experiential exercises and Gestalt and Body Psychotherapy experiments.

It also includes the opportunity to explore and practice utilizing creative methods such as drawings, vocalisation and movement.

Module 4: Practicum Weekend: Putting It All Together

This is a facilitator and peer feedback and clinical practice assessment weekend for participants who wish to achieve the Gestalt Centre Certificate in Couples and Relationships Therapy. At minimum participants will have attended Modules 2 and 3 before they will be eligible to take part in the practicum.

Course fees and payment 

*Fees: £1710 self-funded / £2225 Charity (with turnover up to £1 million). / £2518 private sector

Please note there will be an additional assessment fee of £135 for the written work.

Payments can be made in full prior to the start of the course, or with a pre-arranged payment plan.

To apply, when applications are open, please complete this form.

Certificate completion requirements

  • Providing a signed log of supervised practice: 30 hours of supervised work with clients. The log to include brief notes about each case brought to supervision.
  • Providing a signed log of clinical practice undertaken: minimum of two different couples or intimate relationship working. The log to include a brief note about each case, not already covered in the supervised practice log.
  • Passing an assessed 3000-word Case Study focusing on one relationship, and incorporating experience acquired through the programme through group work, supervision and theory into practice including assessment and formulation.

Case study and completed logs normally are to be submitted within 15 months from the date of the practicum attended.  The assessment fee of £135 is payable on submission of the written work.

Course tutor

Carmen Joanne Ablack is an experienced UKCP Registered Gestalt, Integrative and Body Psychotherapist (EABP accredited) and Director of Psychiotherapy at the GC. Known both in the UK and internationally, with particular experience in embodied and relational approaches, body psychotherapy, sexuality in relationship and working with creativity and performance.

She is our Director of Psychotherapy and core tutor for the MA and Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma.



New Dates


Module 1: Introduction to Couples and Relationship Therapy – 2 days  

Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th September (10am-5pm on both days)  


Module 2: Advanced Practice in Couples and Relationship Therapy – 3 days  

Friday 29th November (6pm-8.30pm) 

Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December (10am-5pm on both days) 


Module 3: Creativity and Embodiment in Couples and Relationship Therapy – 3 days  

Friday 21st February 2025(6pm- 8.30pm) 

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February2025 (10am-5pm on both days) 


Module 4: Practicum Weekend: Putting It All Together – 2 days.  

Saturdayand Sunday 28th and 29th June 2025(10am-5pm on both days)  


All course days place in person at our Centre in London. 



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