About the Gestalt Centre and the training event

Gestalt is a life-changing approach to life, counselling and psychotherapy. It enables people to manage change, develop meaningful relationships and lead fulfilling lives by creatively utilising their own resources, skills and strengths.

The Gestalt Centre as a charity, promotes the mental and psychological well-being of individuals, organisations and communities through Gestalt education, training and practice. It is a dynamic organisation that runs, accommodates and supports a number of counselling, psychotherapy, personal and professional development courses and events as well as a range of therapeutic practices that enhance mental and psychological wellbeing.

The Gestalt Centre, has been running advanced Large Group Relations events for the last 20 years. It is an essential part of the Gestalt Centre Psychotherapy and Counselling professional training programmes. This year, following last year’s success, we are extending the invitation for participation to the wider professional community.


The Gestalt Centre Advanced Large Group Relations training event offers a unique opportunity for a range of professionals to come together and engage in advanced, in depth learning to increase personal effectiveness in personal and professional roles.

In particular,

  • enhance awareness of large group dynamics and their impact
  • gain understanding of groups and organisations
  • develop the ability to recognize regressive processes in groups
  • advance leadership skills, personal authority, and ability to keep grounded in highly charged situations
  • develop understanding of how group dynamics are influenced by diversity and cultural considerations
  • enhance understanding of dynamics affecting you and your clients, the impact of the wider relational field and ‘internal’ psychodynamics
  • learn about and experience community building
  • learn about Gestalt through experience, self-reflection and the spirit of inquiry.

Who is the training for?

  • Psychotherapists, counsellors, trainers, facilitators, coaches
  • Managers, HR or organisational development professionals interested in understanding more about groups and organisations and how they as individuals work in groups.

Important Note: The Large Group Relations training is a rewarding, advanced learning event. Experience and work of a psychological nature would be an advantage. Furthermore, if you are currently experiencing distress in your life, please contact the Gestalt Centre to discuss your attendance in the course as it may be that it’s best that you attend at another time.

Training Event Outline

The primary learning method is experiential. Learning is developed through participation, exploration, reflection, cumulative learning interaction and experiencing in ‘the here and now’, rooted in action research. The event gradually develops as a temporary organisation and indeed society in which participants’ experience in the present moment can be reflected upon as relevant for work with individuals, groups, teams, organisations and communities.

As an integrative approach, Gestalt is the primary theoretical orientation of the event. Other theories are also utilised to enhance the learning experience.

“This has been an amazing, challenging and transformative experience!” – PGC

“This has been exceptionally good training: challenging and ultimately growthful. Best way to learn!” – SD

“Above and beyond my expectations! Both personal and professional” – DC

“A potent use of a large and rare group experience” – PM

Dates and Times

25-28 January 2019
10am – 5pm daily
Saturday drinks reception


45 White Lion Street
London N1 9PW


(including lunch and drinks reception)
Sponsored: £650
Self-funded: £500
GC Graduate Member: 20% discount

For more information or to apply:
enquire@gestaltcentre.org.uk or 020 7383 5610

“Learning is the discovery that something is possible.”

Fritz Perls, Gestalt pioneer


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