Welcome to our Annual Review

2019-20 started like any other year and along the way, it developed into an extraordinary time, for the world, our society, and the Gestalt Centre.

The pandemic has been unprecedented, impacting our lives in challenging and fundamental ways, all the way from grief and safety to financial security and the environment. It has also raised big questions about our values and humanity, as society, how we work and live, the quality of our connection with the environment and each other, and inequalities and injustices that we can no longer ignore.

At the Gestalt Centre, this year more than ever, we drew inspiration and energy from Gestalt practice and our valuing awareness and change, collaborative working and openness to diversity of voices, and the view that we are all connected and therefore together responsible for our communities.

It is with these principles and the extraordinary commitment of colleagues, that we were able to approach this year with awareness, resourcefulness and creativity, skill and professional integrity, compassion and care. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, as expected, it has been a somewhat bumpy ride.

We experienced challenges, losses and had to rethink and reset in some respects, in order to respond to the pandemic in ways that are good for our people, the people we work with, and the organisation.

In our 2019-20 Annual Review, we share the overview of our approach, experience and main activity in the first few months of the pandemic.

Warm wishes,
Elina Stamou
Gestalt Centre CEO

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