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As part of our training programme for psychotherapists and counsellors, The Gestalt Centre has held our five-day Large Group Residential (LGR) every year, for the last 20 years.

This year, in response to requests from Gestalt practitioners, and others, we’re opening this event to the wider professional community. This will bring a unique opportunity for professionals from various settings to work together in depth on:

  • diversity and cultural differences
  • large group dynamics
  • regressive processes in groups: the powerful feelings that we can experience in groups
  • leadership
  • community.

The overall aim is to increase our personal effectiveness in our lives and in our professional roles.

Who’s the event aimed at?

We welcome applications from people-focused professionals interested in understanding more about groups and organisations and how they, as individuals, work in groups.

It will be of interest to:

  • psychotherapists
  • counsellors
  • trainers
  • consultants
  • facilitators.

The residential is a rewarding and demanding learning event; some level of prior experience and work of a psychological nature would be a great advantage and those who are experiencing distress, stressful circumstances such as bereavement, divorce or other significant event, are advised to attend at another time. We may contact applicants to discuss this further.

Benefits of attending the programme

Whether you’re working therapeutically with individuals, with groups and teams as a therapist, a trainer, a coach or facilitator, or with organisations as a consultant:

  • you will increase your awareness and understanding of the impact of diversity and cultural differences in your work setting and on you
  • you will appreciate more fully the dynamics affecting you and your clients, the impact of the wider relational field and ‘internal’ psychodynamics
  • with increased awareness you will improve your leadership capacities and personal authority, and ability to keep grounded in highly charged situations.

Method and Theory

The primary learning method is experiential, learning through experiencing; participating in and exploring the impact that you have on others and the impact that others have on you as the conference develops as a working community. The varied events and structures provided by staff and developed by the participants allows space for exploration, reflection and cumulative learning. The residential event develops as a temporary organisation and indeed society in which our experience in the here and now can be reflected upon as relevant for our work with individuals, groups, teams, organisations and communities. The primary theoretical orientation will be Gestalt. The event will be a very good opportunity to learn about Gestalt theory and method through experience. Gestalt is an integrative approach and other theories will be utilised when appropriate.


Friday 26th to Monday 29th January 2018



What people have said about previous Large Group Events

Overall this has been an amazing, challenging and transformative experience! – PGC

This has been exceptionally good: challenging and ultimately growthful. Best way to learn! – SD

Above and beyond my expectations! Both personal and professional – DC

A potent use of a large and rare group experience – PM



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