Gestalt can be a lifesaver. For some, joining one of our Gestalt For Life events is a chance to explore personal problems and emotional difficulties in a safe, supportive environment. For others, it’s a wonderfully practical way to unlock creativity and self-awareness. Whatever your motivation, you’ll meet like-minded people and discover a new perspective on life, relationships and the wider world around us.

A life-changing approach

Gestalt is an existential approach to understanding what it is to be human. It takes a holistic view: as individuals, we’re a totality of mind, body, emotions and spirit. We’re all inextricably linked to the wider world around us and we each experience reality in a way that’s unique to us.

An understanding of Gestalt ideas will increase your ability to communicate with others responsibly and clearly and to view situations and relationships in a much more holistic way. It could help you tackle issues that are holding you back in life, or simply help you acquire a positive new perspective.

Who takes these courses?

The workshops and events on this page are open to anyone and everyone. You don’t need any specific experience of counselling, therapy or Gestalt to join us.

The courses frequently attract people facing mental health issues or psychological difficulties who want to make practical life changes. They are also popular with people who are interested in philosophy, psychology, therapy, the human mind, relationships, or religion and spirituality who are keen to discover a new perspective on life.

At times of personal difficulty, Gestalt can provide valuable support and a safe space to explore difficult feelings. It can shed light on patterns in relationships and help you to work on making changes in your life. The Gestalt Centre can help you to find qualified counsellors or psychotherapists in London, the UK and abroad, who work with either individuals or couples. All the practitioners in our directory are professionally accredited Gestalt Centre graduates.

We also operate a low-cost therapy scheme of our own as part of our Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma programme to provide individual therapy that’s affordable for people on low incomes. You’ll find more on our Find a Counsellor page.


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