As well as being a highly effective approach for counsellors and therapists, Gestalt’s emphasis on creativity, relationship-building and change, makes it ideal for people who want to stretch their professional skills and develop their careers.

The power of Gestalt at Work

Gestalt has many powerful professional applications. It’s increasingly used by senior people working with teams and groups in private and public sector organisations. Here, Gestalt can shed new light on structure and process and inspire and effect great change. It’s also a great tool for people-focused professionals working with individuals and smaller groups who want to tap into Gestalt’s relationship-building capabilities. We also run a range of courses for existing therapists and counsellors looking for effective, relevant CPD.

Whether you take the Group Facilitation Programme, the OD Programme or one of our shorter CPD workshops, you’ll develop your skills, guided by trainers with expert knowledge of Gestalt theory and experience of applying Gestalt in organisations all over the world. Our courses also provide an excellent networking opportunity – a chance to share experiences with the professionals you’re learning alongside.

Who takes these programmes?

Gestalt’s ability to shed light on the dynamics of human relationships – the way we think individually and the way we interact in groups – makes it highly effective for people working in HR, Organisational Development, coaching, training and development, business consultancy and leadership roles. These people come to us to improve their communication, negotiation, influencing, coaching, people management and personal effectiveness.

These programmes are also in demand from people who work closely with the public: doctors, nurses and health professionals (especially in mental health); care workers, social workers and probation officers; teachers and lecturers; psychologists, plus people working in the arts / arts therapy. Here, Gestalt is invaluable for improving empathy and rapport with clients, raising awareness of the self and others, understanding people’s motivations and helping them to make changes for the better.


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